Our Tototro Party DIY Bundle With Balloon and Totoro Inspiration

You can purchase our new Totoro party bundle. Its available in pink and purple and blue and green. Whats great it comes with a Balloon! You can of course purchase more balloons. 



Heres what comes in the bundle. Totoro Bundle party kit:

1. Happy Birthday Party Flag with
2. Totoro party flag.
3. Soot Sprite party Flag
4. 2 kinds of cupcake wrappers
5. 7×7 and 5×5 plate bottoms (can also be used as tshirt iron on or large sticker)
6. Party Hat
7.Invitation Print ans well as evite.
8. One Balloon , 9 inch full color . (you can purchase more but not included in bundle) message me to save price on shipping )
9. Pink and purple bookmarks
10. square cupcake toppers or stickers
11. treat toppers

Please send me a picture I would love to see our work in action 🙂

We found some adorable things online that will add to our adorable party pack.




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