You can purchase our new Totoro party bundle. Its available in pink and purple and blue and green. Whats great it comes with a Balloon! You can of course purchase more balloons. 



Heres what comes in the bundle. Totoro Bundle party kit:

1. Happy Birthday Party Flag with
2. Totoro party flag.
3. Soot Sprite party Flag
4. 2 kinds of cupcake wrappers
5. 7×7 and 5×5 plate bottoms (can also be used as tshirt iron on or large sticker)
6. Party Hat
7.Invitation Print ans well as evite.
8. One Balloon , 9 inch full color . (you can purchase more but not included in bundle) message me to save price on shipping )
9. Pink and purple bookmarks
10. square cupcake toppers or stickers
11. treat toppers

Please send me a picture I would love to see our work in action 🙂

We found some adorable things online that will add to our adorable party pack.